The center’s curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate meeting the needs of each individual child.

The program recognizes that each child is unique and strives to meet the many diversified needs of the children during their most formative years.  Objectives of the Program include:

1)  Providing quality child care in a warm, loving environment for children ages two thru seven.

2)   A curriculum that includes a wide variety of activities to nurture the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of each child.

3)  A curriculum that supports the Wisconsin Model Early learning Standards.  These standards align with Wisconsin’s K-12 Model Academic Standards to assure early learning opportunities that support the success of children in school and the future.

4)  Providing a daily nutritional program approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, that not only meets their growing needs, but also promotes sound nutrition habits.

5)  Promoting social skills that will enable a child to relate constructively with others and to respect the rights of others (self-control).

6)  Helping each child develop a positive self-image so they will feel good about themselves.

7)  Encouraging each child to express themselves through language, music, and art.

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